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Catering Menu



Thank you for considering us to cater you next event. We will provide you with the tastiest and freshest food available. There are 3 menu options to choose from.  You will need to contact us at least 3 Days in advance for parties containing 25 people and under, and 7 days for parties containing 25 people and over. Please  choose  a menu option from below and have your delivery/pick-up date ready. The option to have our staff serve your guest is available to you as well. We look forward to hearing from you. 


Meat (Choose 3) 19.99 per person

Baked Chicken; Fried Chicken; Pot Roast

Baked Fish; Fried Fish


Meat ( Choose 3 ) 24.99 Person

Baked Fish stuffed with Crab; Crab Balls

Baked Chicken; Fried Chicken; Pot Roast

Side Items ( Choose 4)


Macaroni and Cheese; Rice and Gravy; Potato Salad

Collard greens; String beans; Tossed Salad

Tossed Kale Salad ( in a honey lime dressing) 

Cole Slaw; Candied Yams; Smashed Potatoes w/ Garlic

Cabbage/ Spinach Mix


All vegetables are cooked vegetarian style unless specified other wise. 

Desserts (Choose 2)


Banana Pudding; Bread Pudding; Sweet Potato Pie; Cake

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