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employment opportunities

Restaurant Manager 

Opportunities for Bar/Restaurant Managers. This is a hands-on position. Our managers are required to work a 40 hour week, work behind the bar and work the dining room floor. Pay is a flat rate (salary), tips and commission for events.


Like a Cook, a Chef is one of the most important aspects of our Grille concept experience since the Chef is responsible for planning the menu and the day-to-day operations of the kitchen. The main differences between a Chef and a Cook are leadership and production systems. Salary is negotiable, starting at $31K - $38K. Daily inventory prep and cleaning a must, non-negotiable.


The bar is a social haven where you will experience great food, great people, and a great specialty drink. The bartenders are responsible for serving libations and food. Bartenders are required to enforce liquor consumption laws and regulations, and need to be TIPS certified. Daily inventory and cleaning a must, non-negotiable. The main salary is a function of customers tips.

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