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Jerk Wings: $9.95

8 wings baked and tossed in our own authentic jerk spices and sauce


Coconut BBQ Wings: $10

8 wings baked and tossed in our own Island Spice Coconut BBQ Sauce


Island Spice Shimp ❦: $13.99

6 jumbo shrimp sautéed in fresh herbs and simmered in a coconut creamy sauce


Coconut Shrimp: $10.99

6 jumbo shrimp breaded in coconut served with sweet and sour chili sauce


Roti is similar to both Indian flatbreads and to tortillas - It's a simple dough that is rolled out in a circle and cooked on a hot griddle.

Chicken Curry: $13.99

Bone-In chicken cooked in curry spices with onions and garlic served with a side of roti

Goat Curry: $14.99

A bone-In tender cut of goat cooked in Jamaican style curry spices served with a side of roti

Shrimp: $17.99

Fresh shrimp and vegetable, cooked in curry spices, served with a side of roti



Jamaican Cake; Red Velvet Cake; Coconut Cake; Bread Pudding;  Jamaican Black Cake; Jamaican Rum Cake


Island Spice House Salad: $11.99

Tossed salad, mangoes, pineapple, served with our house mango vinaigrette dressing

Jerk Chicken Salad ❦: $13.99

marinated chicken in jerk spices served on tossed salad with mango vinaigrette dressing

Classic Caesar Salmon Salad: $15.99

6 oz salmon served with crispy romaine tomatoes and white onions


Served with your choice of rice and peas or white rice vegetables and plantains


Brown Stew Chicken ❦: $13.99

Bone-in dark meat chicken stewed in our festive Jamaican brown sauce

Curry Chicken ❦: $13.99

Bone-in dark meat chicken, marinated and simmered in authentic curry spices

Fried Chicken: $13.99

Cuts of chicken marinated in Jamaican spices and deep fried

Jerk Chicken ❦: $13.99

Bone-in grilled chicken marinated in our signature jerk spices

Curry Goat: $14.99

Bone-in goat meat simmered in our traditional curry spices

Boneless Jerk Chicken ❦: $15.99

Boneless grilled chicken marinated in our signature jerk spices

Oxtail: $17.99

Tender beef oxtails marinated and slowly simmered in authentic island spices

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